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The extreme swings between heat and humidity in Allen, Texas can stress air conditioning and heating equipment. HVAC systems are one of the biggest repositories of expense faced by homeowners in Allen, Texas. Preventative maintenance of equipment helps to avoid unwanted problems and evade hefty heating and air conditioning repair bill. To keep the HVAC systems efficient and perform at peak. It is necessary to perform periodical checkups. For example, checking the cooling system in spring and heating system in the fall, just before summer and winter hits Allen, Texas.

Replacement of air Filter

Dust, allergens, dirt, and debris gets blocked by the air filter in AC. Throughout time and continuous usage the Air filter gets clogged up. These dirty air filters stress the air conditioning and gives it a hard time to maintain comfortable room temps. Air filters should be replaced every 2-3 months as replacing HVAC filters can improve efficiency between 5% to 15%. It saves tremendous amounts of repair expense, not to mention improved air circulation and enhanced comfort.

AC condenser coil cleaning (Condenser maintenance)

Condenser coil is one of the essential elements of HVAC system. Just like air filter, dirt can buildup in condenser coil and tremendously impact the efficiency. The weather condition of Allen, TX is prone to debris buildup in mechanical equipment ns. When the evaporator coil or condenser coils get covered in grit and grime, the refrigerant or coolant cannot pickup heat properly. This disrupts the air conditioning process and creates discomfort in room temperature. Cleaning these condenser coils help to keep the HVAC system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

AC Evaporator coil cleaning (Evaporator maintenance)

Just like condenser coils, dirt and grime can easily buildup in evaporator coils as well. A Clean evaporator coil safeguards the HVAC system from allergens, air flow problems, low efficiency etc. However, evaporator coils are usually located in the upper sections and cannot be easily accesses. As a result, it is not possible to clean the evaporator coil frequently but annual cleanup should work just fine. If dirty evaporator coils are unattended for a long time; it might result in costly repair or expensive replacement.

Fan relay & Fan motors

Fan is one of the integral parts of HVAC system. Sometimes the fans do not function properly in the outdoor AC unit. Possible reasons for fan problems ascend from bent fan blades or burnt out fan motor or jammed relay of fan motor. Bent fan blades create clanging sound and significantly harm the outdoor unit. Burnt fan motors need to be replaced. Stuck or broken fan relays need to be checked and fixed. These fan related problems cause inefficiency to the HVAC system hence need to be addressed as soon as possible to run air conditioning smoothly.

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